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Competitively priced plastering work in Exeter

Mashton Plastering in Exeter can help with all types of plastering work. Whether you want to take advantage of the lower costs of dot & dab plastering or you would like some additional sound and heat installation with plaster boarding, we will be able to help. We are available for all sizes of job, ensuring we give each one our full attention. For helpful advice and to arrange a competitive quotation, please give Mashton Plastering a call.

We always offer very competitive prices for our plastering work. All the work is completed in a timely manner - and we'll make sure we leave your home or business premises clean and tidy afterwards.

Why not try plaster boarding?

Plaster boarding involves fitting the boards to your walls and ceiling. The great advantage of this is that is offers both sound and heat insulation at great prices.


You really do get the best of both worlds with plaster boarding. If you are looking for ways to soundproof a room and reduce costly heating bills, then get in touch with us today.

Cost-effective dot & dab plastering

One of the most popular types of plastering work we undertake is the dot & dab method. This method allows us to cover greater surface expanses in a shorter period of time.


Dot & dab plastering work can be done very quickly, with very fast drying times. It is a very flexible method of plastering and can be done at extremely cost-effective prices.

Plastering work to suit every budget

To arrange competitive quotation for plastering work in Exeter, please call Mashton Plastering on:

07904 807 694